Obsidian has ‘three-ish’ groups dealing with various undertakings

Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart had a considerable amount to state in another meeting with Game Informer about The Outer Worlds, the Fallout-esque science fiction RPG the studio is right now taking a shot at, and its ongoing obtaining by Microsoft. He additionally prodded two or three new things that the studio’s “three-ish” improvement groups are dealing with, and indicated that despite the fact that The Outer Wilds doesn’t have a discharge date yet, Obsidian as of now has its eyes on a continuation.

“We have The Outer Worlds group, which is most of our improvement,” Urquhart says in the video. “We saw the little gathering of individuals that are wrapping up in Pillars of Eternity. And after that we have two different groups that are beginning things up.”

No more is said about it—the meeting is unmistakably centered around Microsoft and The Outer Worlds—however it’s not very difficult to envision that one of those “things” Urquhart referenced is fundamental work on an Outer Worlds spin-off. He said halfway through the meeting that he can’t get into points of interest about who might possess the rights to potential Outer Worlds followups in the wake of the Microsoft securing, yet he hinted pretty emphatically that it’s most likely going to occur.

“We began the organization to make diversions like The Outer Worlds. That is the thing that we had begun going at Black Isle Studio, at Interplay, and we needed to continue doing that. That is the reason we left Interplay, we left Black Isle Studios—I would not like to leave Fallout, I would not like to leave where I’d sort of experienced childhood in the business. Be that as it may, we did it since we needed to keep on making these things. What’s more, The Outer Worlds hand-off is the climax of that,” he said.

“I think what I like such a great amount about it also is, it’s making this world that we’ll get the opportunity to go play in for a considerable length of time. I surmise that is the manner by which I consider it—I’m an old school science fiction/dream peruser, so everything’s a set of three, or everything resembles books and books and books—despite the fact that the entire Robert Jordan thing is crazy—however that is the thing that I like about it. We’re fabricating this diversion world, this setting, we can go now recount every single distinctive sort of stories in. What’s more, it satisfies that, it’s that thick, it’s that manufactured, it has these cool characters in it. It resembles pondering a D&D battle, from the angle of, ‘This is B1, and after that there’s going to be B2 and B3 and B4, etc, etc.”

The Outer Worlds could conceivably be booked for discharge on August 6.

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